Leave Comments Below, You Fucks

2016-05-29 22:03:29 by Bryan


sprained my wrist

2015-12-06 20:41:11 by Bryan

It hurts like hell to move my left hand at all, especially putting any pressure on it or lifting anything. Even typing this right now is shooting fucking pain throughout my arm.

Going back to Windows 7 from Windows 10

2015-11-24 21:15:22 by Bryan

Keeping track of the steps and how long this shit takes

8:30-11:37 - Still backing up files

11:37 update - So apparently neither of the two legitimate disc copes of Windows 7 I own work. Now, I have to format a USB flash drive and download an ISO from the Microsoft website.

My first product key gave me an "error" because apparently Microsoft doesn't consider it legitimate. Thanks. The second one I tried work and now I'm install the ISO from the Microsoft website whch is going to take 20 minutes because of their generous download speeds.

The posts I could have had

2015-11-22 14:12:54 by Bryan

Had the idea of doing a kind of thought experiment to see how many BBS posts I could have had if I dedicated all of my time to Newgrounds. I basically just added up the posts I have on my old Newgrounds alts (which was hard to do since they no longer exist) and on other forums.

So far I've counted 13,227 but I don't remember all of my alts and obviously I can't count deleted posts but I'd guess those would add an additional 500 tops.

I was going to make a thread on the BBS asking other people to do the same, but I figured that it would get locked for breaking some obscure rule


Main News Post

2011-08-23 01:46:04 by Bryan

doot doot

so i updated my newspost for the first time in two years

EDIT: four years

say something here and ill maybe probably say something back to you in the form of a response


This just in...

2011-07-26 14:04:20 by Bryan

I made a news post.

Comment faggots.

EDIT : Unbanned ololol.

This just in...