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Hmm... I don't seem to have a book in my library about "Not giving a fuck."

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holy crap all 26 episodes? IN A ROW?

that's.... more than 6 hours! that's pretty crazy...

well good luck facing the shitstrorm oh hatred that is coming at you...

Yeah, I'm pretty tired bro.

Heh, good show indeed. :P

Indeed. :P

Nice. I don't know if I could watch it all in one sitting, but still.

It was actually really awesome.

why did you turn gay :'(
i liked your post where you said "comment faggots" now you've turned into a brony

I always was one, I'm not gonna say faggot much anymore for the sole fact thaat I get banned every time I do, well, on the BBS that is.



Living in my shadow.


I love you anyway Ryan. Even if you are better than me. Lol.

I must say that you are slightly more homosexual.

Ummm... thanks person I don't know.

But seriously, who are you?

At first I didn't really care much for Twi at first, but after watching a million lulzy clips from youtube, she's starting to grow on me. She has the most "normal" personality of the bunch imo, and that helps me put the rest into perspective.

She has perdy eyes :I

Yes, that's pretty much why I love her. Those beautiful ... violet eyes...

ermmm sorry. i'm getting a bit... nevermind

Great work :D
Fluttershy is my favourite pony, somehow :)

Because Fluttershy is the pony that represents you, :3.

I mean that in the best way possible, my friend. For me it's a 3 way tie between Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.

did you get banned for picture spamming?...just asking

Yes. I was spamming that This thread is now about Bryan pic

huaehaueuaehuaheu ENJYIO UR BAN FAGit

Heh enjoy your ban faggot, from my userpage oloolloololololol. Internet Justice, so satisfying.

I will do that marathon myself soon, I owe it to the show and I disregard my body enough to do it! Also I got banned myself to, I will add my ban picture on my userpage for the time being.

Hey dude, did you get review banned and all that stuff? As I may have stated, I've been up for 2 days straight, so last night I convinced myself to take a long nap, I slept 16 hours and I just recently woke up, not a good thing to wake up to, to say the least. :(

Good show, also, there have been games going around that are my little pony type screamer, don't download either the Luna game or dreamy rainbow, be warned if anyone wants you to try either, they are screamers.
Anyways, the show is okay, I got into it enough to watch the first, 7 episodes, then it became boring in my mind.

That's ok dude, it's not for everyone :P.

Also, thanks for the heads up! I wish someone like you gave me a heads up like this before I read Cupcakes, don't read it, it's one fucked up fan fic.

Also, on the note of those aformentioned screamers, Dreamy Rainbow fucks with files on your computer, and Luna game also adds more files to your computer.
As a heads up, although being a fan of creepy things, I played both games, and read cupcakes. Because I am bad ass, mind you. ;)

I was able to laugh off Cupcakes and Cupcakes 2 but I couldn't stomach Sweet Apple Massacre, I can stand screamers, and gross shit, but that was just revolting.

Also, I would play it, I'm not afraid of screamers, but I don't really want to fuck with the files on my computer, I might just watch a video on YouTube or something of someone playing it, given there is one. Also, my computer probably wouldn't even let me download it (Norton, lol)

Sad to hear that you are banned :'(

No offense, but are you Asandir?

No, the games aren't viruses, and the changes (Atleast the Dreamy Rainbow ones) are permanent, and while it is a screamer, Luna game has a storyline.

What are the changes? I really want to play it, but is there a version without the changes? Also, permanent makes me even more afraid.

Since Luna Game has five parts.

Stop... tempting me!

The Luna games just creates files, and they are deletable, the dreamy rainbow one makes noises come out of your speaker and what not, I suggest looking up youtube vids of both first.

I'm watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA dQQC-KdfY

Hmm, when I type that i just redirects to the youtbu homepage... /: Strange stuff indeed

Sorry, umm remove the space.

AH, that is the same one I watched, warning, I'm not scared easily, and the one about dreamy rainbow 2 made me not sleep for two days.

DUDE! Not sleep for two days? I don't know if I told you or not but I just recently didn't sleep for two days, and I went somewhat insane, you can ask Xenomit if you don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm now watching the Luna Game 2 one, I've paused it though, so I don't know what happens yet, don't tell me what happens, but should http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv dO8WbsKGc&feature=related

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