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The animation is very short and seems more like a test than anything, which I generally don't approve on the portal. That being said, I really loved the voice acting and despite the minimalistic character designs I loved the facial animations.

On those merits alone, I enjoyed this animation. If you ever make expand this concept and make a full animation out of it, I'd love to see that. I think there's a strong basis for a great cartoon here, it just needs more development.

The animation isn't the best, it's good enough to make the submission work though. However the concept, writing, and voice acting is all top notch and more than makes up for it! Nobody does seem to remember Pete Best who was undoubtedly cheesed off at the Beatles subsequent popularity. You perfectly captured the Beatles' speaking mannerisms and sense of humor, the little quips they had made me feel like I was actually watching A Hard Day's Night or Help! The little gags are great and I thought I'd point out some of my favorites.

* John Lennon scribbling down lyrics after the tow trucker driver says "I don't want to see you stuck outside Strawberry Field forever."

*The parrot giving John the idea for "Help!"

*Paperback Writer joke on the Buckingham Palace sign?

*Newspaper: Cheaper than in the future

*How ridiculous the Sgt. Pepper jokes got

Also, just one note one of the Newspaper you wrote "Jerry and the Pacemakers" when it's actually "Gerry and the Pacemakers" Sorry, but I had to point that out. Great work!

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Ha! I'll take the knock on the 'Gerry' gaffe. (I'm happy you paid THAT much attention to it.)

There's plenty of fun little references tucked away and I'm glad when folks appreciate them. And I am VERY appreciative of the praise that the tone was very Beatles-esque. I really wanted to get that right.

Thanks so much for noticing the effort in the ideas put into this one.

Funny, but needs better animation and more energy. I'm not sure how long this took you and I'm sure you're still learning, but this was hardly animated. This could have pretty much been an image based comic. My advice to you would be to practice your animation skills more. While I thought this was funny because of the audio, this doesn't really take advantage of all the great things you can do with animation. Give it some more movement, you know? Make the characters do crazy stuff, and also, you should lip sync the character's mouths to the audio to make it seem like they're actually saying it, it makes a world of difference and gives the animation much more life.

Overall, I would say practice your animation more, increase the length of your animations, give it more energy and movement, and keep working at it! Honestly, not a bad start.

Darksharkssm responds:

thank you!

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I found this game pretty disappointing and lackluster. Not trying to brag about my game skills, which in truth are lacking, but I beat the game on my first try taking only a couple of hits. It's far easier than the Ethan and Hila video made it seem. The total gameplay time is about one minute and 30 seconds. After that point, there's no replay value as the patterns and (great) moves remain the same. It's very predictable and there are only 3 different attacks that occur once at a time so there's not much variety either.

However, the best part of the game for me was the ending. The sprite animation in the ending cutscene was far better than the title screen art which was pretty poor. I suppose I'm being overly critical in this review for a game that's ostensibly a one-off joke meant to please the h3h3 fanbase. I came from the Ethan and Hila video and I must say conceptually it's pretty amusing and I appreiate your dedication in actually going through with it and completing the game. I experienced only a minimal amount of bugs during my short playtime, so that's another positive.

Overall: The game is boring, and relatively short and easy leaving little replay value. However, if you are an h3h3productions fan you will most likely be amused by the very fact that this game exists and the ending cutscene is pretty funny so you won't be disappointed in that regard. I'd be interesting in seeing something more in-depth and engaging next time, but as far as a novelty game goes, it's not bad.

The only way this could be considered one of the "most challenging game ever made" is if you consider broken controls and poor design as elements of challenge. The game is very sluggish and the delay between clicking the screen and firing the laser is nonsensically long and makes no sense. Aesthetically, the game is very dull and uncreative. You can do better than some hills and clouds. The game is repetitive and boring. After a couple retries there's no motivation to play any longer. The lack of music and sound other than the shooting sound effect makes the game a very uninvolved experience.

There is nothing to this. If you want to make a more engaging game and get a higher score, there needs to be more for the audience to grasp. Difficult games are only fun and rewarding when the controls are tight, otherwise they're just frustrating and tedious. More effort put into the production would have helped as well. There is lost of great music you can find on the Audio Portal right here on Newgrounds. The simplicity is an inherent problem with the game unfortunately, it's just not very entertaining. In 2015 you can't expect people to be interested in such a simple, easy-to-program game that involves relatively little thought or even skill.

I hope that you submit better work in the future. We need more creative games on Newgrounds and not the same arcade style simplicity over and over again.

JoyGameitalia responds:

Thank You for your feedback I'll try to do better in the future!

The controls feel rather stiff. Especially the jumping controls. I found myself dying over and over due to an inability to run jump which was frustrating. Ultimately, this was the crippling flaw. During the boss fights I was basically spamming hoping I could kill it before it would kill me. The controls didn't feel fluid enough to allow me to properly dodge their attacks.

Honestly, after this I didn't really feel motivated to keep playing. I also found a particularly devastating glitch which I'll get to in a second. I feel all games should have a mute button (the music wasn't bad, but it got grading) and also I like to listen to my own music, especially when playing actions game like this.

The glitch I encountered allowed me to skip through the entire game. If you right click and keep hitting the "Play" button, you will continuously be warped through the warp points and basically skip over the entire level. I made it through half the game without killing any enemies in about 2 minutes performing this glitch.

Ultimately, some bug fixes need to occur (especially for the major glitches), a mute button for the music needs to be added, and the jump controls need to be more precise. Overall though, it wasn't bad. If it's updated and these problems are fixed, I'm sure the resulting product will be great!

cackletta responds:

Yeah, that major glitch is just kind of the default flash player thing... I'll get rid of that in the next version. I kept that in because it helped me test play, which I still have a lot more test playing to do.

A lot of the core mechanics such as jumping cannot be fixed without giving the game a complete make over (Which would probably take another year to do) and I have a lot of new things I want to get done, so jumping stiffness is sadly, here to stay.

Any ways, thanks a lot for the feedback! It's been very helpful and reminded me what I need to get done on new projects.

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Really great. For a track called Intensity, I found it surprisingly tight and controlled. The opening 4 notes are a great hook and provide a somewhat chilling atmosphere throughout the whole song. The intensity does pick up in the middle of the song and peacefully fades out by the end. This is the kind of song that deserves a great game to go along with it.

Noisysundae responds:

The intro was exactly what was in my head when it was an earworm. It's supposed to be in some kind of ambients. Didn't know how it ended up being a trance. :P

I'm thinking about going collab with game developers here too but other works are keeping me from doing it right now.

I'll give it my 5...

Even though it made me go deaf. Don't where headphones while watching this.


But you kind of sing it in a monotone during the entire thing, although the lyrics, premise and it actually makes it funnier that it's in monotone.

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Looks good man

So you said it will be out by like Halloween right?

Excited for this. Looking really good so far.


I find it a little strange that you drew a picture of a decapitated head, of yourself. But other than that, it looks like you use MS Paint. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, instead, I would recommend using Flash or something to get smoother lines.
One up side to it though, it's a pretty funny. :P But I think you could do much better work if you used a program like Flash instead so you could get smoother lines instead of the kind of choppy MS Paint lines.

zag responds:

yeah... I typically either user photoshop or paint...
the problem with flash is that the lines usually wind up too smooth.
I hate how the program thinks it knows what I'm trying to do sometimes, when it reality, it really doesn't XD

anyway, thank you for the review :)
I greatly appreciate it.

as for why I drew the decapitated head, I was bored...
actually, I think this one was for a forum.

Ha Ha, Nice!

Pretty good man, I recommended you for the Art Portal, by the way. This is pretty good, but there are some things you really could improve on. For example, the ground and background all look extremely bland. Maybe, you could make the sky a lighter shade of blue? Or maybe add some pissed off looking hills with faces (you know from the games) in the background. Also, the cubes look pretty bad. In fact, I don't even think they look YELLOW! Maybe I'm going color blind or something, I don't know, but to me they look kind of brown. However, the faces on the goombas and Mario & Luigi were all priceless.

Overall, pretty good work, but a little bland.

benjadaninja responds:

Thanks man, can't believe I just read this now. I am so pissed i haven't been scouted yet, drawing is one of my favorite activities. I like to think of newgrounds as my one stop creative dump, and it's impossible to think of it as that when I can't submit anymore drawings cuz I am not scouted! >:(

Hmm... I don't seem to have a book in my library about "Not giving a fuck."

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